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Free Yoga and Meditation in Paris Park July 24 to 30 Jardins du Trocadéro


[Finished event] Free Yoga, Meditation, Mantra OM Chanting, lectures about yoga in Berlin, Treptower Park, 14-20 August (Germany):

[Finished event] Free Yoga, Meditation, Mantra OM Chanting, lectures about yoga in Paris, Trocadéro, 24-30 July (France):

Useful material

In this section you will find information and knowledge that can be useful for your yoga practice, meditation, self development, healthy and conscious life, spiritual growth.

Asanas for yoga practice:

Free PDF Books about yoga, meditation, Vedic culture, yoga masters:

Videos and lectures about yoga, meditation, self development:

Mantras for yoga practice, meditation, relaxation, classical music, nature sounds:

Quotes of yoga masters, spiritual teachers, gurus on yoga, meditation, self development, wisdom:

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Hello, my name is Rimantas, I’m yoga teacher from Lithuania. I finished Yoga Teacher Training Courses in club OUM.RU and since 2018 give yoga classes and lectures about yoga system, meditation, healthy and conscious lifestyle, organize meditation courses. Last two years regularly teach yoga online.

I was inspired by yoga teachers from club OUM.RU by their dedication to spread knowledge with people.

Club OUM.RU it is people who are united by yoga and healthy, conscious lifestyle. We have been doing yoga for a long time and share knowledge with people in our cities. We organize yoga tours and seminars in places of power where lived great yogis of the past.

English Youtube channel:

Lithuanian Youtube channel:



We have very limited time in this world, so we should use our time in the best possible way. Usually people use their time just to wander here and there, without having actual plan or understanding what to do in life. When you become yoga teacher you get tools to help people by sharing yoga classes, meditation, lectures, events and it improves their life, they can find answers to the most important questions of life. By helping others you also help yourself to grow.

It can be hard for you to believe, that your wish to become yoga teacher is conditioned by your past lives. Probably now its hard for you to believe, that once upon a time you were living in different bodies and were helping other souls in yoga and self development. So be it. All understanding comes at the right time.

Hatha Yoga Online

In regular hatha yoga online classes, we usually work regularly (3 times a week), in the morning and in the evening. During practice together we do various physical positions (asanas), basic breathing exercises (pranayama), locks (bandhas), concentration techniques (meditation).

Morning group activates body and mind for the day.
Evening classes relax body and mind after active working day.

Example of our yoga class:

Would you like to join english hatha yoga online classes? Just let me know with message or email.